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Drug Possession and Sales

Possible Penalty - From Dismissal up to 9 years or more in prison

Drug cases are varied, from being under the influence to transportation, sales, manufacture and importation. The factors in these cases vary widely, and as a result, so do the strategies needed to successfully defend our clients involved in these cases. California Law is designed to increase punishments for subsequent offenses, so defendants with a "prior" conviction need attorneys who fight aggressively to avoid increased exposure to jail or prison time.

ATTENTION: If you have been arrested on a federal or state drug charge, you have an important decision to make - selecting a lawyer. You need a criminal defense lawyer who approaches tough criminal cases with calm, strength, and dedication.

We know that you are concerned about what will happen to you if you are facing charges of drug conspiracy, drug trafficking, drug possession, or drug sales.

At the Law Offices of Ahren Tiller Esq., you will have an attorney who has defended countless clients against drug charges in federal courts and state courts. Ahren Tiller has the experience and the strength to take the government on in drug cases and ensure that his clients get the very best results possible.

Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

San Diego City: 1-619-236-3408

North County : 1-760-520-3725

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